early morning routine

it is all kinds of fun to wake up early because then mamamama or dadadada come and get me and bring them back to their bed where i can roll around and flop on them and push them with my feet and pull on their lamp behind the bed. i would sleep late to like 6;30 or 7;00 but then i would not get to flop around like that, they would just feed me and we would go on about our day.

i would say more but it is playgroup time.

4 thoughts on “early morning routine

  1. Now that you get in the bed with mommie and dadada you are having fun before the day begins. That means more fun all day long. Live it up. Now since you are walking all over the place, and know how to climb your adventures will never stop. Keep climbing toward the top. We look at your pictures, and hug you in our minds. Hope we can do that soon. Sorry your birthday balloons have died, but there will be others soon.

    We love you,
    Missy Law & Granddaddy

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