Monthly Archives: April 2005

boom crash

it was all stormy last night and there was thunder and lightning and i did not sleep well. i kept waking up and that made me all upset, you know how it is when you are lying there and wanting to sleep but you are awake so instead you think about all the things you […]

burger time

yesterday i had a mcdonalds burger for the first time, it was okay. i don’t know, my friends are all ‘this is the best thing ever’ but it did not excite me that much. and the fries were okay.

i had trouble sleeping well, you know how that goes sometimes.7 i was so tired by the […]

cute face now available for reasonable rates

i showed my cute face to the people at school today and they thought this was the best thing ever so i am going to offer it as an option for people who rent me to pick up cute women. i will walk over to the cute girl you pick out and lift up my […]

razors mmmm

i got to chew on dadadada’s razor this morning and it was tasty but then mamamama took it away from me.

busy with new and old fans

grandpa and gramma left on sunday but then that night more fans like nana came over and chased me around and that is a lot of chasing, it can really tire someone out. it is hard being this popular, i think it may be because of my new cute face i do, i will have […]

more fans visiting meeee

when i got up this morning grandpa and gramma were here, i guess they snuck in last night to visit me. grandpa ran me around a lot today and that made me very tired. i think i need to go to bed now.


i have now learned that if you scrape your knee and then you scrape that same knee again then it hurts a lot and looks all angry red.

party in the gardens

i slept a long time last night, that is because of the party we had last night. we went to the botanical gardens and it was pretty and there was this cool fountain in a lake, and oh yeah tim got thrown on his back a lot by other people. but he then got to […]

lies all lies

so i just woke up from my nap a little while ago and dadadada was home, someone lied to me because clearly he did not go anywhere, maybe he hid in a closet.

i have discovered that pirates scare people. i started making the pirate noise last week and mr got so frightened and that was […]

everyone home again but not for long

so mr and pr are gone and mamamama and dadadada are back so that means i can get to the computer again because mr and pr watch me like a hawk or i guess two hawks but mamamama and dadadada are not that observant. they are too new at this i guess.

anyway i had a […]