everyone home again but not for long

so mr and pr are gone and mamamama and dadadada are back so that means i can get to the computer again because mr and pr watch me like a hawk or i guess two hawks but mamamama and dadadada are not that observant. they are too new at this i guess.

anyway i had a great week with mr and pr, i got new sandals and pr and mr did all this yard work that dadadada is too lazy to do and you know what that means, more mulch for me to eat. there was like all this mulch everywhere and it was chewy. and they played with me and fed me and bathed me and it was great.

so dadadada and mamamama came back from new york which is like huntsville only there are trains that go underground and i got this lousy t-shirt, it didn’t even say ‘all i got was this lousy t-shirt’ so it is even more lousy than normal. they had pictures and stuff but those are boring, who wants to look at big buildings.7 and art.7 mamamama was all excited about this modern art and i am all pff, i could paint that and i am still very young.

but now mr and pr are gone, and that is sad, mamamama and dadadada keep having to do things other than entertain me. and dadadada is going again tomorrow i heard, which is no fun especially because mamamama gets all grouchy when dadadada is gone.

mr and pr come back./