busy with new and old fans

grandpa and gramma left on sunday but then that night more fans like nana came over and chased me around and that is a lot of chasing, it can really tire someone out. it is hard being this popular, i think it may be because of my new cute face i do, i will have to be careful to use its powers only for good and not for evil like getting more rasins.

yesterday i got to go to somewhere new because mamamama was trying this exercise thing and i got to stay with some other kids only they put me in with these little babies who are all lying around and stuff. now that i am too old to eat them really i would prefer to be with bigger kids so i got moved.

and mamamama is also working on her garden so i got to play with the dirt and mulch and rocks and they are pretty tasty. i do not know why mamamama does not try them.