Monthly Archives: May 2005


to take my mind off of how empty my life is right now i am doing this meme thing that is making me do.

1 how many books do you own.7

it is hard to say how many i own since i do not have control over them, mamamama and dadadada don’t let me chew on […]


mumsy has left. now i have no fans visiting me. this is unacceptable.

my powers grow with time

my demands have been met./ mumsy is here to stay with us and play with me./ this is evidence of my powers, but do not worry, i will only use them for good and for getting more fans.

more fans please apply within

aunt joy and uncle andy left today and now i do not have any fans at home waiting on me. i demand more fans./

yarn is soft

today aunt joy and uncle andy and mamamama and i met amy for lunch and then there was a yarn store, the yarn was so soft. i found some that felt so good i wanted to take it home. it was like cashmere or something. but mamamama wouldn’t get me any even though i would […]


aunt joy does this kindermusic thing where she sings songs and stomps around and has me do movement and that is fun. have any of you done kindermusic.7 if not you should totally try it.

the parade of fans never ends

aunt joy and uncle andy are here and they are evidently going to have a baby, i hope they order the right one and end up with someone as cute as me. actually they should end up with someone less cute so that my star is not eclipsed.

also nana and jon came over yesterday to […]

rain rain go away

i just got back from a party at dadadada’s work where we celebrated another baby coming. there was cake and ice cream and balloons, balloons are always fun. i got to see friends i haven’t seen in a while and tromp around the building some, last time i was here i had to be carried, […]

whee slide

i am more rested now so i can tell you about some of the other things i did on my trip to see uncle andy graduate. the big thing was i got to go to a park and there were swings there, that was okay, but they had a slide.


why did no one tell me […]


it was a big driving weekend because we went up to see uncle andy graduate, he has a doctorate in musicology from uiuc now. and that is good and all but there are all these doctors already running around, he’s like the third after dadadada and pr and i know dadadada works with four others […]