Monthly Archives: August 2005

water water everywhere and boy is it dirty

this morning was car washing time which is a fun time because i get to be outside playing and there is water and spraying and splashing. when da filled up the bucket with soap i got to play in it making a bunch of sudsy splashes. then da took it away and wouldn’t let me […]

it is okay mom is not really all that sick

i did not mean to make people worried with my last post even though it is true we have been going to the doctor a lot, i think it is one of those doctors who adjust things to make you feel better. mama has numb hands from time to time and the doctor is trying […]

whoops i was away

i have not posted in a while but that is okay because i do not think anyone really noticed but now i am back and i have a new post.

it is about the doctors.

it is not my doctors, it is mama’s, she has gone there three mornings this week and i stay outside with da. […]