Room of Toddler Horrors

Yesterday was one of those days that make the militantly child-free chortle with glee. Misty & I kept the nursery at church, a task we’re given once a month as sort of a kid tax for having childcare during the service the rest of the time. That and I haven’t damaged any of the kids yet. Normally this means we’re in a room with Eli and two or so other two year olds.

This time we had five. One of them, Jake, is a bundle of energy. One of them, Avery, is normally very quiet and sweet and loves me; this time she was upset that her parents weren’t around and required a lot of attention. One of them was in a near-constant state of meltdown from tiredness: Eli. At one point I was galloping about the room, Eli on my shoulders and Avery held in my arm as I tried to make them both happy. Look, ma, I’m a horsey! Eventually it ended, and a kind lady led me out into a field and shot me before shipping me off for glue.

Last night Eli woke up crying. We went in to soothe him since his crying like that is unusual, and he’s been fighting off an ear infection. “Does your ear hurt?” we asked him. He nodded solemnly and pointed to his non-infected ear. Uh huh. It was a TRAP, a trap of being awake when all good people should be asleep. Eventually Misty read to him and put him in bed, which led to about two minutes of crying followed by snoring.

He was, of course, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed this morning.

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  1. In one of those amazing bursts of fatherly insight, I once had the presence of mind to ask Ellric, “Does your foot hurt?” when I thought he might have a stomach ache. When he said, “Yes!” and immediately grabbed his foot, I knew he was (technically) “jes’ fussin'”

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