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In the past, if Eli got up really early, we could bring him to our bed, dump a pile of books on the covers, and doze while Eli read. No longer. The new and improved Eli is like an octopus with eight truncheons. He flails, punching and flipping and crawling and jumping. Early morning now […]

This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Friends

Geof was over visiting one night last week and was down on the floor with Eli. Something had gone under the couch, and Eli and Geof were trying to fetch it out with one of Eli’s drum stick. Eli waved the stick around. “Don’t stick that up my nose or anything,” Geof joked. Immediately Eli […]

I’m So Sorry, Dad, I Had No Idea

Sunday night we had friends over after Eli was in bed. We were talking and laughing and eating things that were bad for us. The topic of conversation drifted to technology. How everyone’s grandparents wouldn’t talk on the phone for long, a remnant of a time when phone time was expensive and precious. “I remember […]

Promised Update

The update I promised a while back is now up on .

To Eli on His Second Birthday

Happy birthday! I keep saying that to you, and you repeat it back to me, but you don’t yet really know what that means. Here’s a hint for you: PRESENTS. You do know what presents are, though. Christmas taught you that. Now anything wrapped is a present, and you demand to open it. It’s not […]

He is this: | | many

Happy 2nd birthday, Eli!

I’ll have something longer up by the weekend.

Somewhere Iris Amster-Burton is Crying

While my parents were here last weekend, they were all eating lunch. Dad was finishing off pasta with meatballs. Eli pointed at the meatballs. “Those are meatballs,” my dad told him.

Late that evening, I was cleaning out my dresser drawer. I found three or four plastic balls from the APS that light up when you […]

What time is it? It’s WOW! o’clock

Heard over the toddler monitor one morning this week:

WOW! Munkey! Hello, munkey!

WOW! Blankee! Hello, blankee!

Hello bars. One! Two! Fhee! Four! Five!

WOW! Anoner binkie!*

He then fell silent for half an hour.

* Translation: Another pacifier!

You Know I’m Gonna Be Like Him

When Eli comes to me asking to play with me and I’m in the middle of a task, I tell him, “One minute!” I then wrap up what I’m doing as quickly as possible so we can play.

The other evening he came up to me and said, “One minute!” and ran off.

“Cat’s in the Cradle” […]