Avoid Tin-Foil Hats

I have decided that aliens beam new knowledge into Eli’s brain when he’s asleep. It’s the only way I can explain how he has all of this knowledge from unknown sources. Today, after lunch, we all piled in the car to leave the restaurant. Eli pointed at the restaurant’s van parked beside it. “Phone number onna big truck!” Buh? How does the kid know what a phone number looks like?

2 thoughts on “Avoid Tin-Foil Hats

  1. What do you think we were talking about down there on the floor, looking under the couch? I also gave him pointers on the box-and-one. Now you’ll be out of town on Saturday when he correctly picks out the b&o when Carolina switches to it to stop JJ.


  2. He knows what phone numbers looks like BECAUSE he is his father’s child. Now you know why we wondered where you came from.

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