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Memorial Day Weekend 2006

This Memorial Day weekend has been one of the best holidays I can remember having in a long time. We’ve had tons of friends around and we’ve had lots of activities and along with all of that Stephen and I celebrated our eleventh anniversary on Sunday. A few very specific memories contribute to the makeup […]


Oh, the sand!

No Matter How Hard I Hold On, Time Passes Me By

For some time now, we’ve been playing games of peekaboo with Eli. Like a certain fictional beast, Eli believes that if we can’t see him, he can’t see us. At the table I will hide behind a napkin. “Where daddy go?” Eli asks, eyes wide with disbelief at my vanishing act. In the evenings he invites me back to his room, where we play a number of games, including “hide unner my bed!” I can fit under Eli’s crib, but it’s a tight squeeze. Luckily, as long as I put my head under his bed, I’m good. Eli will sometimes crawl out from under his bed, stare at my prone body, my head hidden beneath his crib, and exclaim, “WHERE DADDY GO?”

That’s starting to change, though. The other night Misty came in to watch us play under his crib. “Where’s daddy?” she asked Eli when he crawled out to see her. “Right there!” he exclaimed, pointing at me….

New Photos

Zoom over and enjoy new photos of Eli!

Pondering…One-Sided Relationships (or Maybe it’s just Friendship I’m Thinking About)

We’ve all had them. Relationships with people who take more than they give. I’ve even had a few where I really liked the individual, felt like I had a lot in common with them, and still had a hard time staying friends with them because I was responsible for their happiness or their problems or […]

I Made a Mix Tape

Yesterday at the gym, I was jammin’ along with my ipod and suddenly had a flashback to college. When I was in college, I had several studio art classes that were multiple hours long, much like science labs but with paint and music, so I would always have my walkman. And with the walkman I […]

Reading on the Internet

I don’t read much on the internet. I don’t know why exactly. I enjoy reading my friends blogs and I even read some blogs of friends of friends but I don’t read much other stuff. However, Stephen just got me hooked on one of our favorite author’s weblog: John Scalzi. His post from today […]

Toddler Logic

This morning at breakfast, Eli was sitting at the table, waiting for biscuits to be done. I grabbed a piece of sliced cheddar and ate it. “Daddy!” he said, pointing to his lobster-themed placemat. “I need cheese on my lobster.”

Later he had his round silver compact out. It’s some two inches in diameter, and opens […]

People Have Been Asking…

How I am. I post a lot about Eli and not much about me. Sneaky child, sucking my will to have my own personal life.

I have been sleepy.

I know, I know that’s not very exciting and not interesting in the least but nevertheless, I have been, recently, very sleepy.

No, internet, this isn’t an ANNOUNCEMENT.

When […]

Behold! My chin!

There has been such discussion of my chin, and how my chin is now bare, and how the goatee that used to cover my chin is now gone so you can see my chin. I will tease you no longer. Here is my chin!

What’s that? You say you can’t really see my beardless chin?