Monthly Archives: June 2006

Friday Awesome Videos

Since I had so much fun picking a couple of music videos last week, I thought I’d make it a regular Friday thing.

Genesis: Land of Confusion (1986)

You might think this video is awesome because of its satirical take on 1980s geopolitics. You might think it’s awesome because of the 2001 reference. You would be wrong. […]

By Osmosis

Yesterday, when I was helping Eli get his shoes on, I told him to come sit with me in the rocking chair. He plopped down on his little couch and said, “No, I sit in time out.”

That made me pause. True, we still send Eli to his couch when he misbehaves, but we’ve never called […]

Perhaps He Should Have a Little Lampshade Hat

One of our friends recently claimed that toddlers were like little drunken frat boys. On reflection, I think he’s right….

Choose Your Own Awesome Videos

Pitchfork’s recent 100 Awesome Music Videos article has me thinking about music videos again. And thanks to the magic of YouTube, we can all enjoy them together!

Peter Gabriel: Sledgehammer

Combine Peter Gabriel, director Stephen R. Johnson, and Aardman Animations (the people behind Wallace and Gromit), and what you get is a stop-motion animation classic that puts […]

Conversation over Breakfast (Geof – Don’t Read This!)





“Mom there’s a s-s-snake in my muffin!”


“Yeah, Mom. It’s a muffin snake. But there’s not one here right now. (Long pause with much over-the-shoulder glancing.) Look he’s over there!”

“Well. Thank goodness he’s not eating your muffin.”

“Yeah, Mom.”

Day at the Botanical Gardens

The Huntsville Botanical Garden just opened its new Nature Center & Children’s Garden and it is fabulous.

The last butterfly house I visited was when we lived in Durham and hung out at the Museum of Life and Science. The new one here is better!

We went with Eli’s playgroup buds: Will, and his mom Chrissy, […]

100 Awesome Music Videos

Rather than write an actual entry about any one of several things swirling about in my head, I will instead give you a link to Pitchfork’s 100 Awesome Music Videos. Note that they don’t claim these are the Most Awesome Music Videos ever, just that they are all awesome in one way or another. For […]

A Short Exerpt From a Small Book

I’ve long been a fan of T.R. Pearson’s, as anyone who looks at the bookshelf in our living room can tell you. Every time I read one of his bittersweet novels I find myself laughing loudly and quoting passages to people. Pearson has a gift for looping roundabout sentences that make you wonder where he’s […]

Finished Pieces

I said on April 10th in Confession that I would post when I finished a project. Specifically the sampler I was working on. Well I got tired of that project so I worked on four small pieces to go in Eli’s room when we go from “baby” to “big boy” room. So here’s the four […]

For Dfan on His Birthday

As promised, Stephen rocking out with Guitar Hero.