Friday Night Videos: Why Can’t I Dance Like Christopher Walken?

Liz Phair: Why Can’t I (2003)

Fine, fine, the quality of Liz Phair’s work has declined since Exile In Guyville. Sure, Liz Phair is the goateed mirror opposite of Exile In Guyville, all slick production value and shallow pop writing. But this video’s concept is great: the song is playing on a jukebox, with the band appearing on various record covers that feature as their titles the lyrics. On a side note, it appears this song was a big hit with the anime crowd, as I had trouble finding the video amongst all of the anime music videos set to the song.

Fatboy Slim: Weapon of Choice (2001)

Dance Dance Christopher Walken! Walken’s background as a dancer helps him in this Spike Jonze video, but what really sells it are his facial expressions. I am guilty of watching this video over and over and over.

5 thoughts on “Friday Night Videos: Why Can’t I Dance Like Christopher Walken?

  1. I love both of these videos. The “shallow pop writing” ended up moving Liz Phair into the “accessible to Jeff” column. As for “Weapon of Choice”, Amy had to explain to me the joke about Walken _always_ having a dance step (no matter how small) in every movie he does. Stephen is right: the facial expressions really make it.

  2. Hey, thanks for pointing out that Liz Phair video — I’d never seen it before, and it is great. I’m one of the few Phair phans I know that likes both her old stuff and her new stuff. Also, not to be a Liz pedant, but: Exile In Guyville.

  3. What’s even better, I managed to mis-name the album twice. Thanks, Paul. And for both of you: I like Liz Phair’s newer stuff as well, but it is definitely more slick and less deep than her early stuff.

  4. Oh agreed, absolutely. I love love love Exile, and am only just fine with the eponymous album. However, many of my fellow fans (my wife and sister included) despise the new stuff just as much as they love the old stuff. I just enjoy it for what it is, despite its somtime Avril-ishness. Besides, there’s some underrated stuff amongst the Michael Penn-produced songs on that album, like “Little Digger” and “Friend Of Mine.”

  5. Watching the Liz Phair video, it makes me wonder if she’s paying homage to some other groups. I know I’ve seen albums similar to those elsewhere. Also, I like how the pullback show from the jukebox looks like a giant question mark.

    Also, I hadn’t seen that Fatboy Slim video in quite a while. Thanks for resurrecting a favorite of mine!

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