Monthly Archives: August 2006

Ready For His Closeup

I believe Eli has finally absorbed the lessons of television, specifically reality shows: we all deserve to be on camera. He has taken to introducing us to his studio audience. “Oh, hi! I’m Eli. These are my friends, mom and dad. We’re playing Candyland.” Occasionally I can tell what show he’s auditioning for: “Oh, hi! […]

Please Make an Appointment with My Secretary

The phone rang at 7 a.m. this morning. It was my dad calling to wish Stephen a happy birthday. By 7:30, I was in the shower and Stephen was shaving his head at the sink. We were talking about something. I don’t remember what. Eli wondered in with the phone. Apparently it had rung and […]

Sunday Drive Up a Mountain and Back

Our friend Rachel confessed that she’d never been to the state park on top of Monte Sano mountain. “What?” we said in shock and disbelief. “Get in our car! Yes, now. Right now.”

So it was that we made our way up the windy roads that lead to Monte Sano state park. It’s extremely pretty up there, with some nice overlooks and trails and that sort of […]

Two Stories About Eli

It’s been a while since we’ve written about Eli, so here are two stories to make sure you get your RDA of Eli.

He now goes to preschool two days out of the week. This year preschool includes a “music class,” which appears to involve playing music at the toddlers and having them move around. One day here recently they were playing some sort of Duck-Duck-Goose-like game […]

Friday Night Videos: Bad Trip

matchbox twenty: Unwell (2003)

How do you write this band’s name? Matchbox 20? matchbox 20? Anyway, I will admit that a YouTube flash movie is not the best way to see this vertiginous video, but it’s what I’ve got. Look past Rob Thomas and note all of the nifty things going on in the background. Plus […]

Finished Project, New Project

Cramer’s Blue Morpho
This is the second of about nine possible Wee Beastie bugs that I have. I think it turned out pretty swell.

I have begun set up for the next project. This is the taped together chart that came in a 19 page booklet. The chart is, thankfully, bigger than the finished piece.

This is the […]

Carbo Loading

I’ve tried to be cool about how we’re rearing Eli. Goodness knows there’s enough guilt available from external sources for me to be manufacturing my own. But his eating is driving me crazy.

It’s not that he doesn’t […]

Indian Festival

Will’s mom, Chrissy, called yesterday and invited us to go to the Indian Festival in downtown Huntsville today so we headed over there for dinner and some traditional Indian dancing. It was at the Von Braun Center so we also managed to stop at Big Spring Park going in and coming out. The food was […]

Object Permanence is Maybe Not So Permanent

I’ve been fascinated with object permanence ever since I first heard about it. The concept itself is simple: when something is out of sight, do you remember it? Little babies don’t. They have no concept that a thing continues to exist when they can’t see it. It’s only as they age that they start to realize that. Then they start getting upset when mom is gone, so it’s something of a trade-off[…]

The Beginning of the End

Mark your calendars. At 6:54 P.M. CDT tonight, for the first time, Eli replied to a question with, “Why? Why?”