Thursday’s Schedule

There was an early Candy Land game played in the kitchen floor after bagel breakfast and before Dad left for work. Mom swept the game with an early jump to the sucker square.

Our 8:00 a.m. meeting. We discussed the pros and cons of water pistol vs. straight hose.

Grouchy pre-teen Eli takes a coffee break. Not much conversation from this one today. He’s recovering from short nap yesterday and extensive excitement with Will at the Indian restaurant last night. Also, he refused to smile this morning. The cheese in the previous photo doesn’t count because he often does that when he sees the camera.

There’s a joke here for this photo, I just can’t quite come up with the right words while gasping with giggles.

After the pool action we very earth consciously emptied the contents of Eli’s pool onto the three trees that needed the water the most.

9:30 snack and Dora on tv. Mom gets a chance to check email and post the morning schedule.

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  1. I am looking at the surrounding area behind Eli and I am jealous. That looks like a wonderful place to live.

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