Terrible Baby Name Generator

My friend Dan Schmidt mentioned the Random Baby Namer at Pregnancy Today. Oh my goodness. The names it comes up with are terrible, especially the male ones. Crigger? Lightsey? Butts? You might as well hang a sign around their necks saying, “Taunt me please.”

10 thoughts on “Terrible Baby Name Generator

  1. Ha. Yeah, especially on the boy’s names, it’s as if they’re accidentally retrieving last names rather than first names from the database. Sure, some kids get given a last name as a first name, but there seems to be rather a… preponderance.

  2. I think Paul is right about the last names–this is the list I got:


    What kind of first names are these??

  3. This has *got* to be a joke. I would never name a boy Mera. Nor Applegate… the last boy I knew of named Applegate was teased so much that he rowed out in the middle of the lake, nearly drowned, and had to be rescued by a swan.

    One word: Ick.

  4. My favourite suggestion for a boy from that site so far is ‘Virgin’.

    If that’s too obviously cruel, then a later list did offer the option of ‘Virgen’ instead…

  5. Wow, this is great. I love all those girl’s names that are just a boy’s name with -a tacked on the end. But the boys get the really cool names like “Trusty”, “Steel” and “Vanlandingham”.

  6. Some of us have a last name as the name by which we go. And one of my acquaintances from the army went by “the man with three first names” because his last name was also a first name. Hey–maybe the site merely follows Chinese order!

  7. It could be worse… my parents were either going to name me “slagathor” or “Diff-Mider-Junk-Junk”. unfortunately I didn’t get either

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