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Friday Night Videos: What You Need is More U2

I’m guest-hosting FNV this week. And in light of all the torture talk, well, I thought we needed to mellow out with some classic U2. What am I saying? Everyone knew that if I ever hosted FNV the first one would be all U2 videos. It would just be a matter of which ones…

U2: With […]

Extracting Information

You do not torture people. It’s illegal.

You do not torture people. It’s immoral.

You do not torture people. It doesn’t work.

You do not torture people.

Narbonic Rocks My Socks

Here lately I’ve been interested in the process and analysis of creative endeavors: how is creativity turned into something tangible, and how well does it work for the audience? Blame it on the stuff I’ve been doing for Dragon*ConTV and my natural tendency to analyze. For the forseeable future I’ll occasionally bust out with a […]

Do Not Wake the Wallower

Last night Eli woke up around midnight, snuffling and crying. He’s been having some congestion. Is it from a small cold? Is he allergic to the cotton that grows all around us? Who knows! What I do know is that he was having trouble breathing and that woke him up.

We went in and patted […]

You Call It Packaging Porn…I Call It Entertainment!

How in the world did it take him so long to figure out this was a giant box?!?!?!

On the Death of John M. Ford

I never met Mike Ford, though my acquaintance with him goes back many years. When I was very young I read the early Star Trek books. My favorite was The Final Reflection, a book that delved into the history of Klingons at a time when very little had been done on the subject.

Later, when I […]

Tagged – Four Words

Jessica tagged me with four words. I’ve always wondered if this is supposed to carry some deep, insightful meaning for the person tagging. Jess, you will have to tell me if you learn something deep about me.

1. Cold – looking forward to it! This summer has been way too hot for me. I especially want […]

In Case of Tumbling, Spread Out

I enjoy reading explanations of how to deal with extreme circumstances like being chased by killer bees or having to jump from a building into a dumpster. I had a good time leafing through various Worst Case Scenarios books in the bookstore. Thus I was pleased to find an explanation of how to survive a […]

Book Reviews: Two for the Price of One!

I started to break these two reviews into two entries but then decided it was more entertaining seeing them together. It shows how much broader my reading habits have become over the past couple of years.

Walking the Bible: A Journey by Land Through the Five Books of Moses
by Bruce Feiler

I finished Walking the Bible […]

In Case You Wondered How We Raise Our Kid

Eli has taken to asking a rather disturbing question here lately.

“Who’s coming over later?”

Yes, that’s right, people come over to our house so often that Eli regularly asks who is on their way over.

He’s usually disappointed when I say it’s just us for the day.