The Temper Tantrum Switch

Eli is now fully two. He’s as two as you can be and not yet be three or more. One of the ways he exhibits this is in his temper tantrums.

Mind you, his temper tantrums are comparitively small and often cute. But there are times when we are tired or otherwise run down and they drive us crazy. Most of them occur when he doesn’t get exactly what he wants and isn’t willing to be diverted to other things. His lip quivers, his eyes fill with tears, and he CRIES, mouth stretched wide, inconsolable because the world is ending ending ending unless he can have that sharp pointy electrified stick, must have, must have!

What really amuses me, in a “ha ha, I must laugh to keep from killing” way, is how he can turn it off. On occasion he has thrown a fit and we’ve given in after he has added “please” to his request. He takes it, says “thanks, daddy!” and goes on about his business.

1 thought on “The Temper Tantrum Switch

  1. My grandson is always cute and he only needs his “May” to be there to deal with his “infrequent” temper tantrums.

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