Monthly Archives: October 2006

EMP Q and A

I’ve gotten some questions in emails and comments on other sites regarding my EMP discussion. The science is all well and good, but give some practical advice!

See, there’s your problem. You know what we call the practical side of physics? Engineering. And it’s those engineers that build weapons of mass destruction and my orbital death […]

Caution: Student Driver

The following story contains references to vomit. In fact, the very first sentence of this blog post proper contains the word “vomit”. Read on at your own peril.

At the end of last week we were the House of Vomit. On Thursday Eli got some kind of stomach bug that involved him throwing up every thirty minutes or so. He threw up so much that we had to make a game of it. “Grab your bowl! Can you hit it? Can you keep it all in your bowl? Good job!” And then […]

A Physicist Grudgingly Admits That Jericho Got EMPs Right

Since I grumbled about how Jericho dealt with fallout and nuclear weapons, I should be happy that the CBS show mostly got electromagnetic pulses correct. Right? Right?

You must be new here. As long-time readers know, I’ll lecture at a drop of the hat. Jericho may have gotten EMPs right, but that’s not enough — you […]

Book Review: Two Books about God

So even though I can’t stay awake for more than an hour while sitting, I have managed to read two books about God. One is Mudhouse Sabbath, by Lauren Winner, and the other is Searching for God Knows What, by Donald Miller. These are two of my three favorite religious writers writing right now (the […]

Friday Night Videos: Politics

The Pinker Tones: Karma Hunters (2006)

Get this out of your head. I dare you. Then remember: you gotta vote for the Instant Karma Party right now.

The Decemberists: Sixteen Military Wives (2005)

The genius of this video is recasting UN-style political wrangling as a battle among high school cliques. Watch how sanctions, weapons inspections, and more are […]

More of My Cross-Stitch Addiction

I’d love to say this was an update on my current project. Where I show you that I’ve gotten scads and scads accomplished on my dragon piece. But mostly I’ve not felt up to working on it much, maybe an hour a night, if I’m lucky and don’t fall asleep draped across my cross-stitch stand.

But […]

Making Videos for Dragon*ConTV

For the past three years, I’ve been helping out with Dragon*ConTV. DCTV produces short videos riffing on SF and fantasy for the Dragon*Con SF/fantasy convention. Since Dragon*Con focuses on TV and film, the DCTV spots mostly spoof shows like Star Trek or movies like The Matrix rather than books. The DCTV videos play before panels […]

No Son of Mine’s Gonna Be No Wimp, No Sir

All parents think their children are the smartest, cutest, most clever kids that ever were and ever will be, and we are no exception. Eli is a paragon of toddlerhood. Of course, being a paragon is hard work, and on occasion Eli has to take a break from awesomeness.

Take last week, for instance. Eli climbed […]

The Increasingly Long List of my Body Parts that Don’t Like to be Pregnant

When I was pregnant with Eli I developed carpal tunnel syndrome. Some 28% of women develop carpal tunnel during pregnancy but it usually goes away after birth. Not so for me. I was one of the lucky few that got to keep the carpal tunnel as a parting gift. Now, I can’t complain too much […]

I Don’t See That Here

Since I play and write interactive fiction, I’ve compared Eli’s grasp of English to IF parsers before. He’s progressed beyond the Scott Adams two-word parser, though now he is like a parser that pretends to know words it doesn’t.

ME: Do your eyes hurt?
ELI: No.
ME: Does your nose hurt?
ELI: No.
ME: Do your knees hurt?
ELI: No.
ME: Do […]