Monthly Archives: November 2006

Eli Truly Is a Guitar Hero

Since you haven’t had enough of Cute Eli, let’s talk about him playing his guitar. On Sunday he saw several of us playing Guitar Hero for the first time. Before then he carried his guitar around by the neck, putting it on the floor to play it. But after he saw us rocking out with […]

10 Little Ducks

Eli has music class at school. This is good since he has taken over my sister- in-law’s nickname of “Jukebox Joy” and we call him “Jukebox Eli” because sometimes when he starts singing, he doesn’t stop.

Tonight at the dinner table he decided to entertain us with a new song he’s learned in music class. […]

I Thought I Had Weird Collections

This came up in one of my art/crafting blogs and since I know that tons of you are book collectors I thought you might also like to see a collection of bookplates. There are lots of really beautiful things on this site. When I showed it to Stephen he said, “Hmmm, we need one with […]

Veronica Mars Should Always Take Backup

Misty and I have been grooving on Veronica Mars since right after the first season. The combination of a noir outlook and a spunky-yet-troubled teenage heroine has proven irresistible. Each of the first two seasons started with a mystery that was solved by the end of the season. This year, since they weren’t picked up […]

Being Without the Internet Is Like Being Without My Brain

We’ve been without the Internet at home for nearly two days now. If you’ve tried to reach us via email, now you know why we haven’t answered. Good thing we didn’t sign up for VoiP!

Sorry we’ve been absent, Internet. It’s not that we don’t love you. It’s that you don’t love us.

My Guitar Heros

I’ve started taking photos of people playing Guitar Hero. There’s something about seeing all the regular people I know rocking out!

Thanksgiving Photos

Why yes, that is Eli sticking his tongue out at a seagull.

We’re Back!

After a great visit with the Granade clan we’re back at home and happy to be sleeping in our own bed tonight. I’ll post photos and stories later. Boy, do I have a story to tell about a mouse!

Friday Night Videos: Future by Jean Giraud

Aqua: Cartoon Heroes (2000)

If you know Aqua, it’s probably because of the lawsuit between them and Mattel over Aqua’s song “Barbie Girl”. But if you haven’t seen this video…. There is no part of this it that isn’t like a foam-covered steel bat to the head. Lene’s hair? René’s growling lyrics? Aqua as cartoon heroes […]


Eli has informed us that the word “Smickle” is actually “Shiggle”. We apologize for the confusion.