Smickle: The New All-Purpose Word

Eli has this toy that is sort of a little dude looking thing (it has feet and eyes) but it’s made out of all kinds of colored rubber pieces that jiggle when you shake it. It’s ugly as all get out and something that my mom bought for him at the dollar store. So Eli, of course, loves it.

When he carries it around the house, he shakes it and calls it his Smickle. Hence, Smickle: the noun.

But if Eli starts dancing around he also calls that Smickle. That’s Smickle: the verb.

Stephen and I have taken to using Smickle as the replacement curse word for shit. As in, “Smickle! I didn’t mean to drop that!” It’s perfect for a curse word in that it has nice percussive sounds. The added bonus is we don’t care if Eli repeats it after us because it’s his made up word.

I just looked up Smickle on that there computer internet and unbelievably there are a fair number of people with the last name Smickle. I guess I should apologize for taking their name in vain.

4 thoughts on “Smickle: The New All-Purpose Word

  1. That’s a good idea. I’ve been watching myself and trying not to curse in from of Alim, but it’s hard. Maybe I’ll start saying “Smickle!” myself.

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