Little Kids Love’em, Big Kids Too

Kat and Sean sent Eli Mag-Neatos for Christmas. He loves them!

I guess there’s just no age limit on Mag-neatos brand of fun.

8 thoughts on “Little Kids Love’em, Big Kids Too

  1. Yeah! I knew I loved the Geomags and these are just bigger versions of that. I’m so glad everyone loved the new toy!

  2. We also figured they were big enough to be out when baby TBA (iKid) comes along.

    Glad you enjoy them!

    (Stephen, have you been allowed to play your game yet?)

  3. Have I ever! And I have decided that Lego Star Wars is the coolest thing ever. Jon and I played through Episode I the other night, and it was far funnier and more entertaining than the movie on which it’s based.

  4. We have been trying out Lego Star Wars, too, and I really like the game (as a non-gamer). I don’t like the free-play as much, though.

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