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The Return

Yes, we are back from Arizona, as Misty’s post showed. Based on our experience, Arizona is full of blue sky, warm winters, dust, and cats. Eli learned to fear cacti, I got to try out a Wii again (verdict: I am awesome in the tennis front-court), and Misty genuflected in front of Taliesin West. If […]

Photos from AZ (and Eli’s guitar photos)

Last week sometime as I was doing some cleaning, I found all of Stephen’s stickers for his Guitar Hero guitars. We let Eli put the stickers on his guitar so he would feel like a real Guitar Hero.

And finally, our photos from our trip to AZ. Most of them are from the Frank Lloyd Wright […]

Dispatch from AZ

We’re in Arizona right now, where at least it’s a dry cold, so we’ll be light on the posting for a bit.

I lie: it’s actually 70 degrees today. Mmm, desert winter.

At any rate, I had to share this with you. Eli was watching an episode of Little Einsteins. A caterpillar was making a cocoon for […]

Friday Night Videos: Striking Images That Have Little Connection to the Song

Jason Forrest: War Photographer (2005)

Viking sound engineers! Guitar-wielding demon things! Renegade licks from 1970s-era Chicago! Giant robots! GIANT ROBOTS!

The Knife: We Share Our Mothers’ Health (2006)

Words fail. This video is disturbing in ways I cannot explain. Iron-cross birds flying over marching headless children. Weird flowers blooming. I dunno. It’s hypnotic in a freakish way.

I Always Knew Something Was Up With R2-D2

My posting schedule is likely to be light for a while, so I am reduced to recycling links from elsewhere. In this case the link is to A New Sith, or Revenge of the Hope. See, after Star Wars episodes 1-3, a number of things in episodes 4-6 don’t make a lot of sense. Keith […]

and the Comparisons Begin

Something I wasn’t prepared for at all. This baby already has a personality of his/her own. How can I tell, you ask? Well, for starters Eli kicked like a soccer player: short, sharp kicks and repeated often. Mostly at night, much to Stephen’s annoyance. This kid is a water ballet specialist. He/she floats, swims, pushes […]

Friday Night Videos: Those Wacky Brits

Muse: Knights of Cydonia (2006)

A while back I promised you the awesomest Muse video ever. Here it is! It’s as if the band and the video director saw Firefly and said, you know, what that needs is more of everything. The Vulcan neck pinch I can understand, and I can almost give the Cylons a […]

Once Upon a Time: Progress Report

Here’s where I am today. That’s two weeks worth of work there. (The reason the fabric looks pinkish here is because it’s on top of my pink sweatshirt. The fabric is actually gray.)

Here’s where I was a week ago…

Wow. You can actually see the progress!

Why Project Runway is Superior to Top Chef

Early on, Misty and I didn’t watch a lot of reality TV. We watched the first season of Survivor and part of the US version of Big Brother, but after that brief flirtation, we were done.

Bravo changed that. Project Runway snagged both of us in large part because its contestants have to make clothing. The […]

A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out But You Can Lie Around Listlessly With

Things were going fine yesterday evening until dinner time. Eli had no interest in his food at all. That’s not uncommon for many toddlers, but it is a little strange for Eli. Thirty minutes later he was whining piteously and demanding to be held. He lay down on Misty and looked around with glassy eyes. Misty and he discussed […]