The Potty’s the Place!

Today is the first of three days dedicated almost exclusively to Eli learning to use the potty. We have three books on the bathroom can-do spirit and I’ve read them what feels like 45 times today. We have moved a tall foot stool in so we have a place to sit as Eli sits on the toilet. We’ve spent a lot of quality time in the bathroom today.

I wish I could say that we’ve had success today but the only thing we’ve done is teach Eli how to pull his pants up and down. I guess that’s something at least. I would like for him to have actually hit the potty at least once by the end of our three days. I’ll be sure to let everyone knows when the big event occurs.

3 thoughts on “The Potty’s the Place!

  1. Well, it’s really a matter of luck. If we spend enough time in there, he will accidentally pee in the pot and I think once he knows what the sensation feels like will be better able to say when he needs to go. I am hopeful for that, at least.

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