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Adding Quicktags to WordPress and to the TinyMCE Editor for WP Plugin Authors in Many Easy Steps

A while back I wrote a WordPress plugin that adds popup images to the blog. The way the plugin works is that you add in fake HTML-ish <popim> tags and the plugin filters those and changes them to the actual HTML required to create the popup image.

That wasn’t the hard part. The hard part was […]

Kindermusik, Will You Hire Me?

I’m a bit overwhelmed this evening.

Also, I’m feeling the love.

My sister-in-law, Joy, posted about me on some Kindermusik e-group thing-a-ma-bob and suddenly I’m the Kindermusik business card lady. I have spent all evening fielding requests for work. I have never, ever had to field requests for work. Usually it’s me asking around forlornly […]

Something Way Cooler than the Potty Talk of Recent Days

Something that I ran across in one of my craft blogs that is just too cool not to share!

John Flemming’s Hand-Crafted Leather Masks

If I had unlimited cash, I think I’d have to buy one of these. For Mardi-Gras, course.

Of Course

He hasn’t gone in the potty since then!


Eli went in the potty this afternoon! Yea! Milestone!

The Potty’s the Place!

Today is the first of three days dedicated almost exclusively to Eli learning to use the potty. We have three books on the bathroom can-do spirit and I’ve read them what feels like 45 times today. We have moved a tall foot stool in so we have a place to sit as Eli sits on […]

Our Trip to AZ

Kat posted about our visit so check out her photos and entry here.

Friday Night Videos: Videos With Words In

Alex Gopher: The Child (1999)

Everything in this video is words, and I do mean everything. Half of the fun is reading the words used; the other half is enjoying the fonts that Antoine Bardou-Jacquet used for the words. Prepare to hit the pause button early and often.

The SoftLightes: Heart Made of Sound (2006)

Instead of using […]

To Eli On His Third Birthday

And now you are three. It seems like you have one of these birthdays every year or so. This year’s celebration was more low-key. Grandparents are visiting on several weekends, keeping your birthday alive for weeks. Mom took cupcakes and bags of small toys for your daycare’s class, and everyone got to mainline sugar and play tiny plastic whistles. And then one of your classmates vomited, so everyone had a great […]

A Filking I Hope Never To Hear

I like big wings and I cannot lie
You other Mothras can’t deny
That when a girl flutters in with a tiny thorax
And a wingspan that is max

It’s been stuck in my head all morning. It should undoubtedly use Jonathan Coulton’s setting of the song.

Nikko head with the Tokyo wingspan.