Monthly Archives: March 2007

Once Upon a Time: Progress Report #3

I have finished the cross stitch portion of this piece and last night I started on the beading. We’ll see how long that part takes!

I Have Stuff in Orbit

I don’t normally talk about work here, since that’s a good way to get Dooced, but this is too cool for me not to share. About three years ago I had a project to design and build retro-reflecting targets for the Advanced Video Guidance Sensor, a device that measures how far away the targets are […]

Friday Night Videos: I Used to Rock!

Eric Clapton: Layla (1970)

As this video from 1983 shows, “Layla” wasn’t always an introspective song. I’d never heard this version before. It’s quite the lineup, what with Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, and Andy Fairweather Low on guitars.

The Police: Don’t Stand So Close to Me ’86 (1986)

Oh, man. Oh, man. YouTube doesn’t have the original studio […]

Eli Sings (Though Not the Blues)

I’m always hesitant about showing Eli singing, since you never know when Simon Cowell will unleash a verbal smackdown in response, but what the hey. I’m enjoying posting audio clips, and Eli sings a lot.

First up is his rendition of […]

Library, Library, LIBRARY!!

Yesterday, I asked Eli what he wanted to do and he responded, “Go to the Library!”

We’ve been to the library some but not weekly or anything so I was a bit surprised by this request. When I picked him up from school he asked, “Are we going to the library now?”

So we did and we […]

The Eli Lexicon

Since a lot of you don’t speak toddler fluently, here is a simple toddler-to-English dictionary, along with usage examples and audio clips.


Many Eli statements tell you what you should be doing.

Do it again: You should repeat whatever action you just completed.
Usage: (after tickling Eli) Do it again! Do it again!

Watch out for me: The toddler is moving quickly, and needs you to be aware of his running […]

Soda and Presidents Don’t Mix

I don’t talk a lot about politics in this blog. In this instance, though, I’m going to make an exception for an issue that is too important not to.

This is so inside baseball that you’re practically staring through cracks in the leather and past the red stitching. Here’s the synopsis. John Scalzi, a science fiction […]

Worshiping by the Glow of the TV

I’ve always had mixed feelings about letting Eli watch TV. On the one hand, his parents watch TV, and there are a lot of good shows for kids these days, starting with Sesame Street and going from there. On the other hand, he needs to be able to entertain himself without turning to the TV […]

This Time Around We’re Getting A Doula

When I was pregnant with Eli I was pretty scared about the birth process. What I’ve come to understand is that’s not all that uncommon in this day and time. I didn’t know anyone, besides relatives, that has had a baby in the past 20 years and so had no idea what to expect.

In […]

This Never Gets Old for Me

This is what? The 4oth, 5oth time I’ve posted photos of the boys playing Guitar Hero?

And still it entertains me.

This time it’s the Jerry Garcia vibe we’ve got going on…

Also, notice the power stance!

Here’s some star power action. The best part: he actually can watch the screen and tell when he’s supposed to […]