“Eli Tech-Support. How Can I Help You?”

There is a new game at our house. It’s loosely based on the “Handy Manny” cartoon. Following is a sample house call.

Eli gets his play phone and proceeds to “Ring-RIng” loudly.

Either Stephen or I will answer.

“Hello!?!?” Eli shouts into the phone, “Mom? Hello!?!?!”

“Hello, Eli.” I answer.

“I need your help!” he says dramatically.

“Really? What’s going on?” I am calm and helpful.

“My ____________ is broken!!! I need your help to fix it! Can you come right away?” He is concerned but professional on the phone. He trusts that tech-support can show him the way.

“Have you tried getting your _____________ tool and using it to fix the problem?” I ask in a helpful way, trying to ensure that he might continue with this game without me having to get up from the couch.

“Oh! Sure! That might work! I’ll give it a try and see. Good-bye. I love you!” He rings off.

“Bye. I love you.” I ring off.

This game kept him busy for almost an hour last night and 30-45 minutes this morning. We even had a small pet-store going last night and I guess I was the on-call vet. It’s great for getting him to accomplish small tasks. I called him up this morning and asked him to retrieve his socks and shoes from his room so we could get ready to go. I’m just glad that he’s getting some career training early.

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