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Photos from Panoply 2007

My little linky do thing gummy is broken and so I am not HTML savvy enough to make a photo link. So I will just give you two old-fashioned links to go to to see photos from Panoply and Eli’s new toy…


Kasey the Kinderbot

Stress Eats Our Brains

It’s stressful around here. At any moment I will look out the window and see Liza’s sonogram being lit on a cloud and will rush home, and that adds an element of uncertainty and fear to my life. This is a roundabout way of me saying “Do not be surprised if we make odd posts […]

The World, It is Calmer Now

So in the quest to relieve my anxiety (it also turns out Stephen had a fair dose as well) my mom is here. So now, if the baby doesn’t come this week my mom and I will have the nursery fully organized, the house cleaned, Stephen’s mass of shirts ironed and when we’re bored we […]

Friday Night Videos: I Used to Have Adult Fans

Dan Zanes and Friends: Jump Up (2007)

Hey, remember The Del Fuegos? “Don’t Run Wild”? “I Still Want You?” Yeah, them. Their frontman, Dan Zanes, does kids’ music now, and it’s on heavy rotation on the Disney Channel. Anyway, this video is fun and all, but it’s more fun to invent a story to go with […]

Our New Birth Plan

Misty and I had dinner last night with Jon and Chrissie, some friends of ours since our time at Duke. Over Indian food we discussed Liza’s imminent birth and the whole concept of birth plans. Misty and I haven’t really put together a birth plan — we’re lazy, and it’s too much like work. But […]

Wow! In AL-a-BAMA even!

We’ve been selected as the “No. 1 “Small City of the Future” in the U.S.”

You can read the full article at The Hunstville Times.

I’m so proud of our little city of engineers.

Flair of the Spirit

How do you know who’s a Christian?

That’s not an easy question. No definitional one is. If you’d like to prove that statement, go into a room of geeks and ask, “How do you know what science fiction is? What’s fantasy? How do you tell the difference?” Then run very far away.

But to return to my […]

It Turns Out, Being Pregnant Isn’t Much Fun.

This is a post that contains a bit of TMI about my personal physical situation. Don’t read the fourth paragraph if you don’t want to know the gory details.

So for the past two days, I’ve felt like crap. There just isn’t any nice way to say that. It’s how I’ve felt and I know […]

The Daylight Global Savings Warming Conspiracy

From Ambitious Wench‘s blog, a letter to the editor published in my old home-state newspaper, The Arkansas Democrat Gazette.

You may have noticed that March of this year was particularly hot. As a matter of fact, I understand that it was the hottest March since the beginning of the last century. All of the trees were […]

Baby Liza update (37 1/2 weeks)

I went to the doctor this morning and the baby? she is coming sooner rather than later. Everything looks good and the doctor says that when labor starts, she is ready for me to go. I would give you the details about my cervix but I’m guessing that you are probably not that interested. (If […]