Help! I’m Out of Ideas

This year before Easter we decided to have a Christian Passover Seder. We had a table full of friends and explored the meanings of all the symbols, ate dinner, and drank kosher wine (grape juice for the preggers girls at the table). It was really interesting to read the material and watch how all our non-Jewish friends dealt with the structure of the traditions and with one another (we had an assortment of friends from several different circles). I’m glad we did it and would like to do it again next year so that we might shed the feeling of playing dress-up and actually start feeling as if we were practicing something meaningful. It was a really good evening.

But that’s not what this post is about.

I roasted four chickens for the dinner. Which was about two chickens too many. I still have a massive container of chicken. So I implore you, please help me think of something to make whereby I can finish off the meal that keeps on giving.

So far I have made:

  • chicken quesadillas
  • chicken salad
  • chicken pesto pasta
  • plain chicken (too many times to count)
  • white pizza (with chicken! no red sauce)

7 thoughts on “Help! I’m Out of Ideas

  1. one whole chicken will make a pot of chicken stew that you can freeze in batches.

    For one chicken, get your stockpot going. Add about two inches of water. Chop one big onion and then peel & cut up one potato. Boil for about ten minutes. Add in 2 large cans of diced or stewed tomatoes. Let that boil for about an hour, or until the water level goes down some. In the meantime, shred the chicken meat and add it to the pot. When you think it’s just a little thinner than you’d like, add in a can of creamed corn and about 3/4 cup of small dried pasta. Turn off the head and just let it sit for 30 minutes.

    Obviously, season along the way with things you like — I tend toward salt, pepper, bay leaves, and Italian seasonings.

    Voila, chicken stew.

  2. I make a variant of Alton Brown’s Curry Chicken Pot Pie. Start by greasing a casserole; line the casserole with Crescent Roll dough; bake until golden; fill with AB’s recipe; top with more Crescent Roll dough; bake until golden. You can make multiple batches of the filling and freeze it until you’re ready for more.

  3. Ohh, I like all of these! Thanks for the ideas! I’ve had a thing for curry lately so I think I’m gonna go for that!

  4. If you’re into casseroles (and I’m not usually, but…), try a chicken corn noodle casserole. My mother used to make it. She is very, very Pennsylvania Dutch, and a lot of what she cooks reflects that.

    Use 1 package (8 ounces) heavy noodles, 2 eggs (beat em first), 2 cups of diced chicken, an 8 oz. can of creamed corn, chopped celery, onion and pimento (however much suits your taste) and salt and pepper.

    Preheat oven to 350. Cook noodles. Salt and pepper your eggs. Stir in the rest of the stuff, then blend all that into your noodles. Bake in a greased 9-inch pie pan for 45 minutes or until bubbly.

    Now I’ll end this by saying that I’m not a huge fan of this particular dish, but my mom has made it for church dinners and lots of people love it. So maybe give it a try. Let me know what you think!

    I haven’t commented in a while, but I read nearly every day. Love the stories about Eli, those are my favorite 🙂 Also, on a side note, my roommate recently bought Guitar Hero II. Completely addicted. I understand now.

  5. Thanks everyone for the great ideas about what to do with my chicken. I have so many now I don’t know what to cook which is different from not cooking because of lack of ideas.

    Tiffany, glad you’re still reading! 🙂

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