Baby TBA update (36 1/2 weeks)

Well my appointments are now on Tuesdays instead of Thursdays so this was a very short week. But the short week came with big news. I got one of my regular nurses (I’ve not been seeing my regular nurses because they are tied to the doctor so since my doctor has been out, I’ve not seen them in a while) and she was appalled that I was this far along and didn’t have good confirmation of the gender. She hustled me to an ultrasound room and the tech managed to get a good shot.

It is indeed a girl as we suspected. So it is no longer Baby TBA but a girl baby with an actual girl name. Since I haven’t asked Stephen if we can divulge that to the population at large, the name will have to be a separate post. (I might even let him make it.) You’ve waited this long, you can wait a bit longer.

All is well with the both of us. Good blood pressure, heartbeat, etc. I am starting to feel like a house but usually that’s only at night after I’ve been up all day long doing stuff. I want to sleep all the time which now that I think about, my time would be better spent napping than typing on the computer so g’night to you all.

2 thoughts on “Baby TBA update (36 1/2 weeks)

  1. You know how Pop and I feel about our first granddaughter; thrilled. I have all this pink thread so I am glad I will now get to knit all those sweet little girl outfits.

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