Three Cool Things #2

These are some cool things that happened today:

1. I finished all my baby thank you notes before the upcoming showers on Saturday and the one following quickly on Tuesday. It’s good to get one set all done before they start really piling up.

2. LanaBob! posted this on her site. It’s sappy but very sweet and gave me the warm fuzzy.

3. Eli wrote his name all by himself tonight as I was working on the above mentioned thank you notes. He asked me to help and so I gave him instructions and here is what he did:
I had to darken it considerably because he wrote it so lightly on the back of a printed page so that’s why it looks like this.

3 thoughts on “Three Cool Things #2

  1. See, I was hoping the sappy post on my site would help me to lose my obnoxiously sarcastic reputation. 🙂

  2. See, I said the actress was obnoxiously sarcastic, you mostly just fall into the sarcastic category. BIG difference.

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