Heroes and Scruff

Hey, let’s talk about Monday night’s episode of Heroes and listen to my wild theories. The next bit is spoiler cut for your convenience.

Everyone was nattering on about how Hiro needs to kill Sylar, how future Hiro had told them to save the cheerleader so Sylar won’t have her regeneration powers, how Isaac drew this picture of Hiro driving his sword into Sylar.

Is that really Sylar? All I saw was a sketch of this guy with a mop of dark hair and stubble on his face. Remind you of anyone else we know? Specifically, does it remind you of anyone else we know who happens to be truly responsible for the NYC explosion?

Meanwhile, the Department of Useless Nitpicks has forwarded me a memo re: why, if Peter can regenerate like Claire, did FuturePeter have a scar?