I Would Have Written Sooner but I Couldn’t Get to My Own Website

I started having contractions sometime yesterday. The best I did then was about 45 minutes apart. I went to bed, expecting to be woken by something substantial going on and instead, slept all night. This morning, I had almost an hour of 5 minute apart contractions but then those easy, short ones stopped to be replaced by much further apart but much more intense and longer lasting ones.

If I didn’t have a doula to tell me to stay the heck at home, I probably would be all up at the hospital full of pitocin by now and possibly delivering already.

We are fine otherwise. Mom and I just took naps, each of us on a different couch. Stephen is “working” at the kitchen table. Maybe he’s doing something actually productive or maybe he’s busy getting ready to tump over the site again. Eli is at school doing whatever it is that he does at school. We’re gonna get some lunch and maybe something else will be happening this afternoon.

Someone will post again later today with an update. Either I’ll be bored and posting the weather report or maybe saying we’re headed to the hospital. Thanks for all your well wishes, thoughts and prayers.