Welcome LOLTrek Visitors

“Hey, this is funny,” my friend John says to me. “Do you mind if I submit LOLTrek to BoingBoing?”

“Sure,” I tell him, thinking that they won’t really link to it.

Two minutes later, we’re Boinged. Then Wil Wheaton links to LOLTrek. Someone in the comments says, “David Gerrold is a friend of mine, I am sooooo gonna show him this!!!” Now that we’ve had our own bacon cat moment, we can quit the Internet.

To the hordes of new folks, welcome! I’ve had a number of y’all ask if I’m going to do this again. Sadly, the answer is no. I think LOLTrek was funny at most one time, and I used all of my good jokes up on it. Though if I were going to do another TV show, I know which one I’d do.

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