Friday Night Videos: I Want to Be Queen Some Day

Mika: Grace Kelly (2007)

Yes, yes, Mika doesn’t like the comparisons to Queen. Perhaps if you sang fewer lyrics like “I tried a little Freddy” and used your clear falsetto less. Anyway, the video is fun in a goofy kind of way, though I don’t know what’s up with the women bringing over cakes.

McFly: Transylvania (2007)Aah! Scary floating Queen-like heads! Actually, come to think of it, aping silent films will give you the chance for the kind of histrionic over-acting that goes well with the Queen vibe. My main complaint is that the video uses some of the tropes of silent films — dialogue cards, women tied to train tracks, flickering light — but then undermines the conceit by showing the band singing.

And for all of you wondering: day three. Still not a new dad.

6 thoughts on “Friday Night Videos: I Want to Be Queen Some Day

  1. I quite like “Grace Kelly”; I bought the music video from iTunes.

  2. that song by mika makes him sound disturbingly like freddy mercury. It’s uncanny. That can’t be just coincidental.

  3. Doesn’t he? To be fair to him, he doesn’t sound that much like Freddy on several of the other songs on the album.

  4. despite the queen similarity grace kelly is a very catchy song. The refrain/hook is pretty clever and upbeat.

  5. The McFly song actually reminds me more of Jellyfish than Queen. If you liked this song, then I need to let you listen to their album Spilt Milk sometime. Colter introduced it to me, so you know it’s unique.

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