Baby Liza Update (39.5 weeks)

Next Friday is 40 weeks. I’ve been uncomfortable this past week and today I think I edged over into the completely miserable. The muscles in my belly actually hurt they are so stretched out. I’m sure that I felt this way with Eli at the end, but I don’t remember it. Also, I delivered Eli at 39 weeks and I am now past that point with this baby.

Overall, I’ve felt pretty good. Yes, I did a lot of yacking at the beginning (and part of the middle) but that’s all forgotten in the light of feeling good and the baby moving and trying to get so many things done. This past week, I really thought we were going to go on to the hospital and deliver, but no luck. Now I’m just getting aggravated with the whole still being pregnant thing.

I know she will be here soon and I am looking forward to not being pregnant anymore although looking toward being awake every three hours still isn’t looking like fun. That part will be over soon just like this part. And I know the baby will be interesting to me once she gets here. Several people have told me that I won’t necessarily bond with this one as quickly as the first, since I’m dealing with two instead of just the one. I don’t feel like I really bonded with Eli until about six months anyway so that part doesn’t matter to me so much.

When Eli was very small Stephen and I developed our own made-up mantra of “Whatever is going on this week, won’t necessarily be happening next week.” It was a way to keep the changes in perspective, even when they were going fairly quickly. (We were sleep deprived so it never felt very quick.) I think I have to start reminding myself of that now. Again. A lot.

4 thoughts on “Baby Liza Update (39.5 weeks)

  1. Hey Misty,
    Let me know if Eli would like to come over one afternoon next week so you can rest a bit. Thinking of you often!

  2. I just found your site and wondered how it went with the delivery. Did you go into labor spontaneously or did you need to induce labor. I personally was told I needed a medical induction so I went on a mission to find ways to induce labor naturally at home. I was lucky to discover acupressure, which worked for me!

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