Baby Liza Update (39.5 weeks) (after the doctor)

I had a doctor’s appointment this morning and I was hoping, hoping that when she saw me she would just send me on the the hospital. Wishful thinking on my part! The baby has dropped down some more which is a good sign but I haven’t made any significant progress in either effacement or dilation. My doula seems to think that once I do start, I will be immediately into active labor. So potentially that part will go more quickly. My doctor said she could go ahead and induce me but that if I didn’t want an epidural, then pitocin at this point was “cruel and unusual” punishment. So we are down to waiting.

My mom is packing up to go home now. Stephen has gone on to work today after taking Thursday and Friday off last week. Somehow I feel as if I’ve missed the prom or something.

When I left the doctor’s office she made me another appointment for next week. May 14. Three days after my due date. I really hope that I don’t have to keep that one…

7 thoughts on “Baby Liza Update (39.5 weeks) (after the doctor)

  1. Sigh. Well, I’m in town this week after all. Going to the doc myself today to deal with this nasty sinus stuff. If boredom or discomfort strikes you, give me a call. I’m thinking of you!!!

  2. Misty: no pool, just some informal guessing on ifMUD. There’s a book in the Adventurer’s Lounge if you’d like to take a peek.

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