Baby Liza


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Okay, this is actually Geof posing as Misty, but … hey. What are friends for, but for giving them your “super secret” password? [I should tell you mine, Misty, so we have Mutually Assured Destruction. Heh.]

Anyhow … around 5:00 p.m. tonight, I got a call from Stephen: “We’re ready for visitors now! Spread the word.” I grabbed keys and hauled butt to the hospital. 🙂 My camera has been living in my car since I heard Misty had gone to the hospital. I’m fairly happy with how these photos came out. All in all, there are 68 photos in the set, all the ones that I thought were good enough to post. [It was weird, having all this light to shoot in. Most of my photos are done at ISO 1600 and 1/10s in some dimly lit bar in Nashville.]

Anyhow … Misty’s moving slowly, as you might expect, but she and Stephen both look and sound happy. And Liza, well, she’s a cutie. Not that I’m biased. Enjoy the photos! –GFM

9 thoughts on “Baby Liza

  1. So adorable…congratulations!

    I read your first update this morning before work, and you were in my prayers today. Glad everyone is doing well!

  2. Yea!!! She is beautiful!!!!!!
    She has a lot of hair. can’t wait to see her. LOVE YOU, aunt mel

  3. Misty, if you looked any happier, I think you would burst. 🙂 You both look great and I so wish I could be there right now! Liza is gorgeous. How are you going to handle have two of the world’s cutest children in the same household? 😉

  4. Aww. Now I’m sitting here bawling my eyes out. Beautiful baby, beautiful parents, beautiful pictures. Thanks Geof!

  5. Congratulations!!! She is beautiful!! Josh can’t wait to see Eli’s new baby. You all look sooo happy!!!

  6. How adorable! Can’t wait to meet her in person. I’m jealous that Rick got to see her first! 😉 Happy Mother’s Day!

  7. What a preternaturally attractive newborn, and what happy looking parents! Congratulations!

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