The Potty Project

I haven’t reported on this in a while, mostly because it’s been several good days followed by several not so good days for weeks on end. Lots of folks predicted that Eli would regress in the potty arena due to Liza’s arrival. Fortunately, that hasn’t been the case as far as we can tell. Mostly he just wants his binky all the time. We had weaned him of it during the day but lately he’s taken to crawling up on his bed and vegging out with it and the notorious space blankey.

Today, however, was a milestone on the potty front. We decided to go out to lunch (getting ready for this outing deserves a post all its own) and as is our routine, we had him try to potty before we left. We waited at the restaurant and didn’t get seated for about 15 minutes, and then our food took another 15-20 minutes. Eli did especially well during this wait considering how hungry he was. But the highlight was that, while we were hanging out at the table waiting on our food, drawing on the place mats and watching Liza’s eyelids twitch with her little milky dreams, Eli asked to go to the potty. Stephen took him and he went in the bathroom at a restaurant.

I decided that was nothing to do to top that, so we went home and took a nap.

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