Eli and Sam Talk Into the Microphone

A while back I posted recordings of El saying things. This time I’m posting recordings of Eli and his cousin Sam saying things! You should definitely listen to what Sam has to say when you’re done oohing and aahing over Eli.

First up, here’s Eli and Sam making animal sounds.

And Eli’s version of “Old MacDonald” (not to be confused with Sam’s version).

I got Eli to sing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” again, but this is the remix version, complete with funny voices.

In fact, let’s hear Eli sing “The Wheels on the Bus” and “All Around the Mulberry Bush” and Sam tell Eli to sing more.

Eli has begun telling stories about his toys. At this point you can give him two or three objects and say, “Eli, tell me a story about these!” and he obediently strings together a stream-of-consciousness narrative glued together with the phrases “and then one day”.

Finally, here are Eli and Sam proclaiming their love of Trogdor.

8 thoughts on “Eli and Sam Talk Into the Microphone

  1. Oh man… this had me giggling and smiling! (Dangerous thing to do at work!) The other thing is that Stephen sounded a bit like Bob Rivers when he was talking with his kids on one of his Christmas albums… man what a strange mental image that was making!

  2. “Are those sheep babies?” From my mind to your lips. And Joy breaking out and laughing, that was fun.

    I LOVED the story, but man, that’s gonna mortify him when he’s about, oh, 13.

    But you know that Trogdor is gonna give him the gay, right?

  3. That cover version of “Old McDonald” totally rules. Way better than the original. Also, I love that you are teaching the kids to love Trogdor. I gotta get on that.

  4. I must be missing something. DO I need a special player besides the plugin. I uploaded and installed it, set up the file placement per the website instructions, but when I enter the code, I get just the printed code, not a player. If you can help me, feel free to email me at emusehl@gmail.com thanks,

    Kilted eric

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