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It Appears I Am an Evil Overlord

When I went to Governor’s School in Arkansas, one of the things they did is have us take a test to determine our Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. This was the full MBTI test, mind you, with what seemed like thousands and thousands of questions. I came out as an E/INTJ. Later tests I took gave me […]

Today’s Photos

Eli’s Oscar Face

“Take me to your Leader!” Liza

Eli Conquers the Potty

It’s been two weeks exactly since we started Potty Boot Camp. Today marks five days in a row with no poop accidents and ten days with no pee accidents. Yesterday he got up from playing, went to the potty, came back and started playing again.

I think we are finally over the hurdle and I […]

The Turning Point

When Geof’s weekend went to crap.

The Return of the Blog

And we’re back. Sorry for the outage — the server needed an OS upgrade and Geof worked like a madman all day yesterday to make it happen.

So how was your weekend? Ours involved taking more pictures. Imagine!

Dinner at Mikawa

Click through for more photos. Lana Bob!, click through for more captions.

I told you I was only taking photos for a while. I wasn’t kidding.

A Few of Eli’s Favorite Things

For a little while, I will not write in complete sentences. I will only post photos until the new of the camera wears off.

While these are some of Eli’s favorite toys, he was supremely uninterested in the photos of the objects.

Also, never gonna get tired of this focus effect.

Two Notes on Statistics and MBAs

In graduate school, many of us physicists would joke about how the business students couldn’t do math. Those working on their MBA took business-specific versions of math classes, like business statistics, and we suspected that those classes just weren’t rigorous enough. It was an unfair generalization, but it was not without reason.

Consider this letter to […]

New Camera

We got a new camera and now we are all arty.

Click through for more photos with the new camera.

Measuring Where Hubble Is

I always preface these posts with, “I don’t talk about work, but…” In this case, what I wrote is for public consumption and is up on the web, so I figure it’s okay. My company works on ways to measure where one spacecraft is relative to another. We’re applying some of that technology to the […]