Relaxed, But Not That Relaxed

When Eli came home from the hospital, he slept in a portable crib in our room for the first night or two. After that he moved to the crib in his room, with one of us sleeping in the rocking chair next to it. We took shifts in case he burst into flames and we had to put him out.

It’s obvious that Liza is a second child. She’s never slept in our room. We’ve never spent the entire night sleeping in her room. The first time she slept nearly through the night, we weren’t up at 1 AM making sure she wasn’t dead. In that respect we’re much more laid-back than we were before.

That doesn’t mean we’re completely relaxed. It turns out that you get an additional subscription to Guilt Magazine with each child you have. Perhaps that stops after some number, but for us that number is clearly greater than two. Both Eli’s and Liza’s latest issue have the screaming headline “ARE YOU SPENDING ENOUGH TIME WITH YOUR CHILD?” on the cover. Misty reads Eli’s issue, since she spends a lot of time holding Liza and feeding Liza and burping Liza. I read Liza’s issue, since I play with Eli from when I get home until he goes to bed, and only really see Liza at 3 AM when I’m trying to put her back to sleep.

Eli’s been making me play Katamari Damacy. Perhaps if I combined him and Liza into a big katamari, I could alleviate some of my guilt.

3 thoughts on “Relaxed, But Not That Relaxed

  1. Dear fellow Granade stalkers:

    1. Stephen’s not kidding about Eli making him play KD. I have seen it with my own eyes.

    2. Watching the postman deliver Guilt is not any fun, even if you’ve got a well-developed sense of Schadenfreude like I do.

  2. The Guilt never really goes away. How old are you Geof? And your bro is 6 years older.

  3. Stephen, my parents still deal with the Guilt. If they do anything nice for one of us, they feel like they have to do something equally nice (even monetarily) to make it even with all three of us. Need I remind you how old I am and I’m the youngest?

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