A Few of Eli’s Favorite Things

For a little while, I will not write in complete sentences. I will only post photos until the new of the camera wears off.


While these are some of Eli’s favorite toys, he was supremely uninterested in the photos of the objects.

Also, never gonna get tired of this focus effect.

6 thoughts on “A Few of Eli’s Favorite Things

  1. Maybe I missed it somewhere, but what camera did y’all get? The previous post seems to indicate a cannon. So would that be a Digital Rebel? If so I’m going to need you camera experts to show me how to effectively use mine. I get the feeling it’s a little more advanced of a camera than “point and shoot” = )

  2. Chris: We got a Canon Digital Rebel XTi with a Sigma 30mm lens. If you got the kit lens (the Sigma is an upgrade) to go with it, it is almost exactly like a point and shoot and we’ll be happy to give you tips.

  3. Great! I’ve got the kit lens, and a secondary lens with a large zoom and macro function on it. Yea, I hardly know what that means.

  4. So, a Shiner beer bottle top is one of Eli’s favorite toys? Was the beer itself also one of his favorite toys? 😉

  5. He collected those caps last weekend when we all met up at Jason’s house. He did not drink the beer but was ecstatic about the prospect of the bottle caps.

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