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Artist Fingers

Very Fun Time Waster


Stephen Talks Science at Dragon*Con

I’m going to be on three science-oriented panels at Dragon*Con, pretending that I know things. If any of you are there, stop by and say hey. My talks are:

Friday, 1:00pm
Forsythe (in the Hilton)
The President says we’re going back to the Moon and then to Mars AND with manned crews. […]

I’m Starting to Hate Fridays

When I was a little kid, I hated Sunday nights. Worrying about going back to school on Mondays would make me almost physically ill. Not that there was anything I had to worry about at school really, I just dreaded giving up the leisure of the weekend. I hated getting started back on the weekday […]

I’ve Been Saving this One

Eli surprised me by wanting to feed Liza on Sunday when I produced the bottle. He was only interested in doing it long enough for me to snap a few photos though. Still it was a sweet moment.

Songs That Must Be Added to Rock Band

I doubt this will surprise many of you, but we here at the Granade household like to rock out as much as the next Granade household. And nothing helps us rock out like Guitar Hero.

Harmonix and MTV are now working on Rock Band, which expands the concept of Guitar Hero to include bass, drums, and […]

All Granades Love a Good Book

Stephen was only home for about an hour last night out of his 20 hour day. I managed to snap these few photos of him and the kids playing on Eli’s bed.

It’s the First Day of School and Eli is Already Bugging the Crap out of Liza

Today was Eli and Liza’s first day of Mother’s Morning Out. Eli will go on Tuesdays and Thursdays and Liza will go Tuesdays. Did you hear the Hallelujah Chorus this morning at 9 am? That was for me as I scurried from the church with no children nipping at my heals.

Here’s their photo from this […]

Thirty Years of Voyaging

The two NASA Mars rovers, Spirit and Opportunity, are sometimes called the little robots that could. They’ve been chugging along the Martian landscape for over three years, returning scads of excellent data.

They’ve got nothing on the two Voyager probes.

Voyager 2 launched on August 20th, 1977; in a reversal of numbering, Voyager 1 launched on September […]

It’s Like Boulder Dash, Only Nicer Looking

Over at Brass Lantern, I got email about a new Boulder Dash sequel coming out. I hadn’t thought of that game in years and years. In it, you run around, digging out dirt, collecting gems, and using rocks to crush your many enemies.

You can, of course, download the original game and its many clones and […]