We went bowling last night and I had hoped to have good photos of Eli bowling. Alas, those were only so so but here are two good photos that Stephen took.

Me, missing my spare.

Jessica, very cutely pregnant.

4 thoughts on “Bowling

  1. How is it that all three of you have managed to look so adorable when you’re pregnant?

  2. I REALLY like these two shots.

    I remember how surprised I was when I realized just how much less crappy pictures look when you stop using the built-in flash (even in situations where the camera “wants” to).

  3. I’ve been really surprised at how much better pictures I can take with the XTi and the fast lens. I never was able to do that with film because I was so cautious about taking pictures. Here I took some forty pictures, and only two or three were any good. But, hey, I threw the rest away!

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