Liza Does It All

I posted about the busy weekend the family had but not about Liza’s busy weekend. Saturday morning she rolled over from her stomach to her back. She did it three times in a row and grinned at us the whole time. I don’t have photos because I was too busy actually watching her do it.

But here’s a cute photo of her anyway:

Today she rolled from her back to her stomach so I guess she’s already partially mobile. Everyone told me girls were faster at stuff than boys. They weren’t kidding!

She also learned to reach for and grasp things this weekend. As evidenced by this photo:

Following the weekend, she slept for almost two days straight. All of Sunday night, pretty much all day yesterday and most of the day today.

On to the next big breakthrough, she can now get her thumb to her mouth consistently. Which leads to the final, and probably most important, breakthrough of all. She just put herself to sleep in her bed with no help from either Stephen or me. No rocking for an hour. No screaming. I just put her in the crib for a moment so I could go to the bathroom and a do couple of other things before I gave her the night time feed. When I went to check on her, the fish mobile had stopped, she had her thumb in her mouth, and she was sound asleep.

For parents that’s the promised land. And I can see it on the horizon.

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  1. Neat seeing pictures of Liza. Just put the Granade blogs on google reader so I can enjoy keeping up with you and your kids.

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