Monthly Archives: August 2007

Liza and Emily’s First Playdate

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Let Sleeping Lizas Lie

This is Liza yesterday morning at 7:23 am. She went to bed at 8:30 pm.

Of course, last night she was up at 3:30 starving. She then proceeded to sleep until 7:30 this morning. She woke up cranky because she had managed to roll over in such a way that her legs, heels up, were sticking […]

We Are Back Online

Hey, we’re back! It’s been an interesting twenty-four hours. It appears lightning struck some three inches from our house, found the cable line, and thought, Hey, I bet there are sweet sweet electronics in there for me to munch on. And, lo, it was so.

As things go, this could have been so much worse. All […]

“I could smell the ozone in the kitchen.”

Hello, all. It’s probably always a bit alarming when I’m posting instead of Stephen or Misty. I just got off the phone with them, and they were having me help them figure out a recovery plan after a lightning strike hit the house. No fire, everything’s okay, the kids are fine.

The quote […]

Eli Rocks Chuck’s House

Yes, that’s Eli kicking his dad’s butt in the water pistol game at Chuck E. Cheese’s this morning. It might be expensive entertainment but it’s cool on the 105° day.


Must stop reading Westerfeld books.

Faking Knowledge Using Google and Wikipedia

Maybe you were participating in a discussion on a blog when someone made a joke about Rowling’s latest book, Harry Partch and the Order of the Hobos. Ha! ha! everyone else said while you stewed in a broth of incomprehension. Maybe someone said, “Hey, you’re a physicist, right? Can they really get enough energy out […]

Liza Does It All

I posted about the busy weekend the family had but not about Liza’s busy weekend. Saturday morning she rolled over from her stomach to her back. She did it three times in a row and grinned at us the whole time. I don’t have photos because I was too busy actually watching her do it. […]

Busy Weekend

We didn’t have a busy weekend planned. It just sorta happened. Saturday, Stephen concocted things in the kitchen and then we had some folks over to taste test. While we were doing that, the power went out for about an hour. We left to go get some dinner and then ran some errands. We returned […]

Today’s Scientific Factoid

It’s true that rumors move faster than light. That doesn’t actually violate any physical laws, though, as they carry no true information.