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Misty’s Eight Things

When people email me these “tell things about yourself” list thingies, I tend to not do them since the person sending me the email usually knows me pretty well already. But this time is different. I got tagged online from a reader (Hi, Plenipotentiary!) who started reading us during the LOLcat days. So she really […]

Economic Realities of Cheap Orbital Access

I’ve been quiet here lately due to work, preparation for the yearly interactive fiction competition, and Kingdom Hearts. Since I’m not writing anything here, the least I can do is offer an interesting link, even if by “interesting” I mean “something that only Geof and I are likely to care about”. When Physics, Economics, and […]

Because I am Obsessed with Bento

This is my first attempt at making a Bento Box. I think it might be a little bit rednecked together but I think it turned out ok.

Box Wrapped in Napkin

Open Box

Top left: Pea pods and apple slices.
Top Right: Pea pod dip (white circle), pea pods, lobster cheese spreader, square of extra dark Ghirardelli chocolate.
Bottom (from […]

Latest Liza (and Eli) Photos

It’s never too early to start reading in bed.

The upright sleeping position adopted this week due to massive amounts of snot.

What Liza thinks of Rick and Jessica’s shower.

It’s never too early to start sitting around with your belly hanging out watching TV.

Eli and Josh, conjoined twins separated at birth, but somehow still managing to share […]

Vika’s Cows

I promised Vika a while ago that I would photograph the cows that live right over the hill from us (about a 1/2 mile) so she could see just how rural it is around here.

This is one of three herds that live within a mile of our house. Also this week, I’m going to attempt […]

Baby Cards and Bookmarks

This past week I got the crafty bug and had to make a few things.

First up: A baby shower card for Rick and Jessica, well really it is for Jessica because of what it says but I’m guessing Rick will get to change his share of diapers too. It’s made with an image from […]

Don’t Stop Talking on My Account

My previous post seems to have generated a lot of discussion. (Very cool!) I am interested in people’s opinions and certainly don’t want the discussion to stop. Feel free to keep posting on the previous entry or on this one. My only request is that everyone be respectful of opinions that differ from your own.

Vika […]

Thank You for Not Touching My Baby

I had forgotten that older ladies love to handle babies. They would do it with Eli when I went places with him and it is no different with Liza. An older lady will see Liza in her car seat and gush about what a sweet baby she is (this I appreciate) and then they follow […]

The Best Use of Misplaced Quote Marks Ever

Lolcats Mutate Once More

By now you’ve surely seen lolcats.

Perhaps you’ve seen PostSecret.

But have you seen lolsecretz? If you’re familiar with the lolrus saga, you should definitely look at this one.