Things to Do with Active Boys

Eli is a wild man. The only time he is still is during sleep and well, that’s it. Even then he sleeps like a wild man, all over the bed with the tossing and the turning and the rumpling of covers. So we have had a hard time coming up with things to do this summer. Especially since it’s been so hot and we’ve had Liza to lug around too. So here’s the list I’ve compiled of things that we’ve done that has taken the edge off this summer. Feel free to steal some ideas if you need them.

Build the tallest lego tower.
Go to Will’s house.
Get up at 5 a.m. to play on the swing set in the backyard.
Build a piano fort.
Invite Hallie over to entertain us.
Start a parade around the house.
Go to McKenzie’s house.
Jump in the kiddy pool. Before 10 a.m. or after 6 p.m. so we have some shade.
Build the tallest block tower.
Daddy’s shoulders.
Get Mumsy or May to come and entertain him.
Go to Sci-Quest.
Go to Josh’s house.
Build something with magnetic balls and sticks.
Cook something. Mamster taught me that.

And if all else fails there’s always movies to watch. Sometimes he even sits for one.

4 thoughts on “Things to Do with Active Boys

  1. I looked at this book this weekend and I was confused about what to do with it. Is it for teen boys to read? Or are adults supposed to work through it with younger kids? Is it for adults to hearken back to the days of their youth? It seemed an odd book to me.

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