Thank You for Not Touching My Baby

I had forgotten that older ladies love to handle babies. They would do it with Eli when I went places with him and it is no different with Liza. An older lady will see Liza in her car seat and gush about what a sweet baby she is (this I appreciate) and then they follow it up with a touch on her foot, arm, hand, or forehead (this I do not appreciate).

I and my baby do not want your germs. I try very hard to not be a germaphobe. I know that my kids will catch colds. But please work with me here to keep the touching to a minimum since she is still only four months old.

I was out shopping with Liza on Thursday and Friday and no less than 10 women had to touch her. I know that she’s cute but she isn’t the fountain of youth and she isn’t a genie to grant you wishes if you rub her belly.

Liza has had the worst cold this weekend that either of my children have ever had and I blame you, sweet old lady in the the grocery store.