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When I Am Old I Shall Wear Grouchy like a Purple Hat

Sometime in the past few years of getting a house and having two babies, I got old. This is something that Stephen and I joke about from time to time when we realize the multitude of 20-somethings on TV. Then sometime in the past few months, I realized that I was older than the people […]

Your Daily Liza and Eli Fix

Stephen’s Big Interview

Even a Jedi Has to Eat Breakfast

Portal Was a Triumph

Let’s talk about Portal, the game from Valve. It’s a first-person puzzle game in which you place portals that allow you to teleport from one portal to another. You use these portals to reach places you normally couldn’t, move objects around, and solve puzzles.

You know, putting this in words is difficult. Let me show you […]

I’ve Heard about the Bumbo Recall, Thanks

Even my mom had to get in on the act this morning. She saw the recall on TV. So she called me to say not to set Liza on a table in the Bumbo. She was the fifth person I’ve heard it from.

So please don’t tell me any more horror stories about babies and […]

The Power of Language

When we lived in North Carolina I met a woman who did sign language with her baby. Ten years ago, it seemed like a fringe baby communication technique. I was pretty impressed anyway, not only with the mom’s thoughtfulness but also with the baby’s ability to communicate. I told Stephen about it then and suggested […]

Dedication Weekend Photos

Family Candids from the Weekend

All the photos from the Big Hat Party

Dangerously Stupid Kids

In SF Gate, Mark Morford warns of the coming collapse of America due to all of the stupid kids coming out of our educational system. He hints at the horrors an anonymous high-school teacher at Oakland High School has witnessed and warns us that the future shown in Idiocracy is upon us. He has a […]

A Big Hat Party

There are more photos to come when I have some time tomorrow or Tuesday to process them, but for now you need a peek into the big hat party that happened at our house this afternoon.